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You are at the center of the Graham Sedam Universe, a directory of sorts for my presence on the internet.

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Hello, there.

I do things.
At this site, you will find out about those things.

I bet you do things, too. 

I've made the choice to set up websites and create social profiles to share my life and what I do.
This site is a map to my ideas, doings, and existence on the internet.

I'm obsessed with creating websites, by the way, in case you are wondering if I'm afflicted with a great sense of self-importance. I don't believe my ego is nearly as large as it appears, or it is. You are the decider of your own thoughts. Decide wisely.

I have too many thoughts that go around in my head and too many things that I want to accomplish. Most of them are probably silly and not realistic. All of the ideas and the things I do as a result are currently called Sedam Ventures. Under this title, come the titles to the other things. I hope to add to the list of titles. I want to try doing new things, to give them a go.

Mostly, as of now, I blog and make music. I have much yet to accomplish and explore with those. I do many other things, too, but that might be easier to show and explain elsewhere, some other place that has more words. *Ahem*

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